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10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2019


According to statistics, in 2018, more than 55% of US residents, aged 18 and over, use fitness websites. And this is only in the US. In other countries, the situation may slightly differ, but the fact is that every year more and more people become members of online sports clubs and stay in shape thanks to instructions and advice received via the internet.

Under conditions of constant growth and development of modern technologies, it becomes more difficult to attract and hold users just with any type of services or goods. In the field of fitness services, the situation is no less complicated. High competition, an abundance of fitness websites, lots of newcomers who want to take their place in the niche, and relatively high cost of business development – all these factors force fitness service representatives to find the most creative solutions to attract more customers.

We decided to select the top fitness websites, which in our opinion, favorably differ from all others, and hand them to our designers for a detailed analysis of the most important features.

So, let’s begin!

At the first stage, we will define five basic criteria for each fitness website design:

  1. Design.This is the first impression and 40% of the potential success. That is what allows customers to evaluate the company during the first 2-3 seconds.

  1. Usability. In this case, the success is determined by the following indicators: ease of site and interface usage, the efficiency of use, number and severity of errors, user satisfaction (subjective).

  1. Creativity.How well the site stands out among the bulk of competitors, how unique and memorable it is.

  1. Content.How well the material is presented, it’s amount, quality and value.

  1. Mobile. As the mobile audience grows, every commercial fitness website has a need to adapt to the capabilities of mobile visitors to keep this audience and increase the reliability.


Although all the presented fitness websites seemed to us quite successful, we rated each of them according to five criteria and ranked them in the ascending order, from the lowest to the highest average score.

Rating of best fitness websites for your inspiration


10.  Fitness Blender (av.score - 7,0)

Design: 7.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 6.0 - Content: 6.0 - Mobile: 8.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Fitness Blender - Main page - Screenshot


Despite the relatively simple design, this website attracts about 116 thousands of visitors every day. Let’s see why. First of all, what can be more attractive than free training? Hundreds of video lessons, different in length and complexity, which are absolutely free for everyone!

Light, simple and apparent website. Thanks to the simple navigation, anyone can easily find the information of interest in a matter of minutes. As for the creativity, this fitness website has almost nothing to boast about.

Mobile-friendly design and well-organized content makes the service responsive and puts it in line with the most successful projects in 2018.


9. High Performance Sport New Zealand (av. score - 7.2)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 8.0 - Content: 7.0 - Mobile: 6.0

ALT: 10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - HPSNZ - Main page - Screenshot


This site differs from the first one. This is a community of professional athletes, world best trainers and those who are willing to gain ground in elite sports.

The first thing that catches your eye when you open the website is a full-screen animation, which immediately forces you to immerse in the world of healthy and successful people. Restrained and responsive design, performed in black and white, and a lot of high-quality motivating photos – all this helps to prolong the visitor’s presence on the site. There definitely is a reason why in 2018 “High-Performance Sport” website was given the title of the best site of a day according to “Awwwards,” “CSS Design Awards” and “The FWA.”


8.  Blacksheepstudiosnj (av. score - 7.2)

Design: 7.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 8.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 6.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Black Sheep Studios - Main page - Screenshot


This is a vivid example of how to surprise and attract new customers. On this fitness website, you will not find either free video lessons or healthy and tasty recipes. All that you can get here is a great desire to join at least one of the proposed classes.

Although the website is just an online representation of an on-land fitness club, a thorough approach to its development and design has been chosen. Here you will find everything from a detailed description of all services, to schedule and classes’ price, and even an online sportswear store. All this is presented in a very convenient and simple form, the interface is intuitive and easily navigable.

It is worth noting that the site owners have chosen a very creative manner of informing their clients. Thanks to this, the website all in all looks very harmonious and attractive, so that even those who have never loved sports, after five minutes will be checking in for the next training.


7. Lazy Girl Challenges (av. score - 7.6)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 7.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - LazyGirl - Main page - Screenshot


This website is a place where everything is simple and clear. Harmonious design, user-friendly interface, exciting weight loss programs and challenges, and everything is pink – all this is for girls only.

Here the developers in tandem with the Lazy Girl Challenges team have chosen one of the easiest ways, and as a result, they received an excellent service which is now popular among thousands of users around the world. On this site, everyone can find motivation and finally achieve the desired result together with the link-minded people and with the help of Lazy Girl Challenges team.


6.  Trent (av. score - 7.8)

Design: 9.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 8.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Trent Langlands - Main page - Screenshot


One more website in black and white. But, how neatly Australia’s personal trainer services are presented here! When creating this website, a minimalist approach was chosen. This way does not always lead to success, but in this case, it turned the web-page of the personal trainer into a real brand.

Each word here is full of expertise. Light, fresh design adds uniqueness to each page. Engaging animation with colorful photos does not leave the slightest chance for competitors.


5. Excalibur (av. score - 7.8)

Design: 9.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 8.0 - Content: 7.0 - Mobile: 7.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Excalibur - Main page - Screenshot


A vivid example of how to stand out among hundreds of competitors. Bright interface, unique and, at the same time, simple navigation, responsive and dynamic design. In a couple of clicks, the visitor can reach the right page and receive the necessary information in full.

Here you will get acquainted with the trainers, you will be offered to join the training and invited to visit the online store with sports nutrition. Anyone can hardly resist.


4. Phive (av. score - 7.8)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 9.0 - Content: 7.0 - Mobile: 7.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Phive - Main page - Screenshot


How many times did you see a website with exciting sound effects and video pages? If someone does not like the music that starts with the first second – just turn it off. But we think this is a cool idea that deserves the right to exist.

Funful loading animation, a unique, modern and interactive design completely swallows up the visitor and evokes a great motivation. These guys can definitely be called creative, and they certainly know much about the beauty of healthy living and sports. Too bad only residents of Portugal can join the Phive community. This is one of those examples on which it is worth paying attention when you are going to design a fitness website.


3.  4Elements 4Life (av. score - 8.0)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 9.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 7.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - 4 Elements 4Life - Main page - Screenshot


It is an excellent example of a website with a personal approach to each user and to his problem. The woman who established this brand has been helping people to change lives and minds and stay in shape. 4Elements 4Life is far from an MVP product. Over the years of its existence, the project evolved and turned into a web service with tons of useful information, with expertise in training, nutrition, and active lifestyle. And all this is available online in a convenient structured form.

This is one of the best fitness website designs developed in a way that every detail is accessible, practical and does not require wasting any second of your time.


2.  Laborfit (av. score - 8.2)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 9.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 8.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Laborfit - Main page - Screenshot


Also, an excellent presentation of content in a little game form

The brightest and the sunniest website in our rating. After each scroll, a colorful explosion occurs on your screen and leads to an immediate positive charge and motivation. It case with Laborfit, we can literally say that here you will find all the colors of the rainbow, and even more.

In addition to bright colors, the site boasts convenient navigation, unique and user-friendly interface. The long list of services offered by the team of Laborfit is designed for a broad audience, and everyone will find, exactly, what they were looking for.


1. Primaltrainingclub (av. score - 8.4)

Design: 9.0 - Usability: 9.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 9.0

10 Best Fitness Website Designs for 2018 - Primal Training Club - Main page - Screenshot


Premium website. Good content, affordable navigation, and ease of use

At the end of our list, we present to your attention one of the best fitness website design examples. Primal Training club offers a long list of services, among which you are welcome to complete a 30-day trial course for beginners. During these four weeks, you will be provided with full support in training, meal plans, and everything that will help to change your life forever.

Yes, yes, black-and-white palette, again. But we can’t resist such a strong design, simple navigation, quality content, and perfect mobile-friendliness. This is a truly premium website, which deserves attention and the most positive feedback.


It doesn't matter whether you have a legal on-land fitness studio or want to launch an online project, any way you will need ideas for developing a new website. We hope that our rating will help you to be inspired and to stock up ideas to implement in your future projects.

Well, if not, we are always ready to brainstorm and to help you in designing and developing a unique website, limited only by your desires and expectations.