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10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2019



Today, only 20% of the US residents do not use the services of personal trainers at all. The rest of the population try to stay/return in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It’s proven that the fastest way to get a result from training is to use the services of a personal trainer. Most people know that. But what about trainers? Apart from the fact that they have to continually work on their skills, they also have to tirelessly seek new ways to attract and retain new customers. The most straightforward decision is to create a personal trainer website. But sometimes, it may be not as easy, as it may seem from the first sight.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that in a highly competitive environment the trainer can’t just introduce network users to his/her services. Instead, they need to establish some kind of connection with customers to arouse in them sympathy and trust. Except for unique services, an excellent way to stand out is a best personal trainer website design.

If you want to be in step with modern trends and make your online presence visible to your potential clients, but do not know where to start, we’ve selected the top personal trainers websites, which, in our opinion, are worth attention, or at least which will help you to get inspired before you start creating your own.

As always, we chose five criteria for evaluating each site: design, usability, creativity, content, and mobile. Each personal trainer websites example was analyzed by our experienced designers and assessed on a 10-point scale according to each of the criteria.

  1. Design -this is what creates the first impression on your customers. A dull, faded or retro design doesn’t help to attract customers.

  2. Usability -a critical factor that determines the duration and the result of the user’s presence on your website (User-friendly interface, smooth and clear navigation, etc.)

  3. Creativity -one of the decisive factors of success. Want to stand out in the crowd? Be creative!

  4. Content is the king! Giving your customers quality information in a qualitative way is essential.

  5. Mobile.Even the MVP (Minimum viable product) project must be mobile friendly. Millions of people from all over the world use mobile phones to search the web. Each business must provide them with a convenient way of using services and purchasing goods via mobile devices.


Best personal trainer website designs


10. Scott Laidler (av. score - 5,6)

Design: 5.0 - Usability: 6.0 - Creativity: 5.0 - Content: 6.0 - Mobile: 6.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Scott Laidler - Main page - Screenshot


Very bright and clear website of the star personal trainer. Working with celebrities, for many years Scott was making a brand from his name. The result of his training experience is easy to be traced. But, as it were, the pleasant and easy design of the site, lots of useful information and an individual approach to online training with each client - this is what favorably distinguishes this site among the rest.

Numerous videos accompany each page of the site and do not let visitors get lost. This is a great place to start online training experience, having a 24/7 support from professionals.

9. T.S Fitnessnyc (av. score - 6.0)

Design: 5.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 5.0 - Content: 6.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Personal Trainer NYC - Main page - Screenshot


Here nothing is about the creativity or an outstanding personal trainer web design. The main purpose of this site is to quickly and efficiently deliver information to potential clients.

Here, everything is neat and clear, and nothing is superfluous. The user can easily find needed information about the schedule and price of the small group training. This is an excellent example of how to attract customers to personal training. T.S. Fitness website lets every visitor to be imbued with the spirit of a healthy life and make them want to join the group of like-minded people. By the way, it is possible to join them right here on the site, after registering for a small group training at a convenient time.

8. Equinox (av. score - 6,4)

Design: 6.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 6.0 - Content: 6.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Equinox - Main page - Screenshot


This is an online representation of a huge network of premium fitness clubs located throughout the US. Here, world-class fitness trainers offer numerous ways of solving every fitness and health goal.

The stylish design of both the website and their fitness centers definitely deserve attention. Easy navigation through the site helps visitors to quickly find any information about the services and the terms of their delivery. Besides, the website provides users with the opportunity to see the nearest Equinox fitness center by browsing a region.

7. Fit Well (av. score - 6.8)

Design: 6.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 6.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach  Fitwell - Main page - Screenshot


What can be better than a personal fitness trainer that is always with you? All you need is to have a mobile phone with you. Receive a daily meal and activity plans, read the blog with useful tips and advice, and get all the needed information that may help you on the way to achieving your goals.

Clean website interface and easy navigation along with the light color palette and attractive design - that’s what you get on the FitWell.

6. Forh (av. score - 7.0)

Design: 6.0 - Usability: 7.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - FORH.JP - Main page - Screenshot


For true professionals, coaching is not just a job, but a big part of life. For these personal trainers, it is essential to better acquaint clients with their lifestyle, mind, views, and experiences. Forh, as possible, took advantage of personal training website capabilities and expressed most of the values with the help of creative design and quality content.

Thanks to the beautiful animation and pleasant colors, it will be hard for visitors to leave the site within a minute.

5. Aaptiv (av.score - 7,2)  

Design: 7.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 7.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Aaptiv - Main page - Screenshot


What emotions should the training cause? Of course, only positive! Otherwise, no one would come to the second training. Aaptiv is a team of world-class professional trainers who offer online services through the website with a bright, colorful and very emotional design. Thanks to the beautiful graphical elements, the site seems to come to life.

Speaking about the service itself, it is worth noting that here, the guys have also found their way among the rest. Audio-training for every taste and for any purpose with excellent music made for those who want to workout one-to-one with the trainer, but do not have the opportunity to adjust to the schedule.

4. Freeletics (7,4)

Design: 6.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 6.0 - Content: 9.0 - Mobile: 8.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - FREELETICS - Main page - Screenshot


Visiting this personal trainer website homepage, each visitor gets an emotional charge and the desire to start acting. Here, you may also find motivating appeals, a unique smart online trainer that helps each client, choosing the type of training program depending on the needs, its duration and even the place for it.

Very clear and simple to navigate personal trainer website design, with a quality description of the service and all its advantages, with colorful motivating photos, and of course, the one-step registration and full access to personal training any at time of the day.

3. Makeit Netflix (av.score - 7,6)

Design: 6.0 - Usability: 9.0 - Creativity: 7.0 - Content: 9.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Netflix Make It - Main page - Screenshot


Netflix has developed an unusual training system for those who want to combine sports and entertainment. Absolutely unique service and way of delivering information to the users. You can hardly find something like that on the internet.

The website is made in a bold style, and, probably, only the true fans of the Netflix channel are able to appreciate the idea and the way of its implementation.

2. My Story Terfit (av.score - 8.0)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 8.0 - Creativity: 9.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 7.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - My story. My Territory - Main page - Screenshot


One of the most creative websites in the niche that we met. From the very beginning, each user joins a certain game, during which he/she can accurately determine the goals, and understand why he/she needs to step into the world of fitness.

The project is based on real stories of real people who have already changed their lives through sport. Here, everyone can understand that achievements in sports cost everything, but not money and that everything depends only on ourselves. Besides, everyone is invited to interact with the website, upload own photos and tell the story.

1. Fitnessbodystar (av.score - 8.2)

Design: 8.0 - Usability: 9.0 - Creativity: 8.0 - Content: 8.0 - Mobile: 8.0

The 10 Best Personal Trainer Website Designs 2018 - Fitness Body Star - Main page - Screenshot


This site, at most, is designed specifically for the female audience. In fact, this is an online store where everyone can purchase nutrition programs and training manuals for both beginners and those who are not new to fitness.

Smooth design, simple navigation, easy to read content and mobile adaptivity put FitnessBodyStar website to the first place in our list.

At the very end we would like to add, that if you want to attract real quality customers, at first, you need to run an in-depth study of their needs. Developing just a beautiful website with the functionality that you consider useful will never lead to success.

But if you are not sure where to start and how to plan the developing process - UDTech is here to help you in creating a valuable product.