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UDTech - Ukraine's TOP Developers 2019 by Clutch

According to Clutch, UDTech Delivers Product Development and So Much More


Individuals who believe that once the product or service is delivered are done are not educated on the importance of customer relations.  There is a full cycle in product development that ensures the product is delivered and the clients are satisfied.  


Here at UDTech, our mission is to turn bold ideas into innovative solutions in consumer electronics and IoT technologies.  Together with a team of intelligent specialists, we offer the full cycle of services in product design, development, and prototyping to ensure a solution and sustainability.  We have found much success in our business process that we were recognized as one of the best web developers in Ukraine by Clutch.


Clutch, a B2B ratings, and reviews website conducts extensive market research on companies with a Clutch profile and interacts with past clients of these companies in an interview process in order to get real-life thoughts and feelings surrounding their business process.  Creating a company profile with Clutch will help boost your visibility on the web and increase popularity and brand awareness.  Below is an example of a 5-star rating that we received from a former client who was very satisfied with our diligent work schedule and the quality of our work at a reasonably cheap cost.  



“This means that we're on the right course. We've focused on the client's satisfaction and it gives us positive results. Clients keep staying with us, and this is a great sign of success for any company including UDTech. We'll try to push our service to even higher standards in the next couple of years.” - Andrii Malik Co-Founder of UDTech.


We are incredibly thankful for all of our positive reviews left on Clutch and thank you to Clutch for helping us increase market recognition.  In addition, you can show off projects on The Manifest, a portfolio sharing sister website to Clutch that has increased in popularity drastically since the website started up and running.  You can also create a visual and creative portfolio on Visual Objects, another sister site of Clutch.


Thank you to Clutch, The Manifest, and Visual Objects for our partnership and thank you to all of our past and current clients for all of their positive reviews. We would be nowhere without you! If you have any questions regarding our business function and want to find out a little more, feel free to contact us!