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What is Motion Design?

Every year we face new trends and forecasts regarding the best ways to promote goods and services on the world market. Some of them are justified, and some go into oblivion. However, the content has always been and stays the king of marketing.

There are many ways to communicate with the target audience, and during the last few years, video content has remained the most popular. To confirm this, it is enough to tell that even in 2014 one of the polls showed that 40% of consumers were more likely to watch a video review of any product than to read its description.

So what can we see today? In 2018, about 84% of all internet traffic is accounted for video. A considerable part of video content is taken by the motion graphics, which today is an integral part of each quality content plan.

The following graph is another proof that the video advertising industry brings considerable income to businesses in different areas all over the world.

What is Motion Design? - advertising video statistics

Motion Graphics Design is a moving computer graphics, which allows the viewer to read a specific advertising message much more clearly, and get more positive emotions and impressions from the video than from a static image.

The creation of such computer graphics is a complex process that provides an unlimited range of possibilities for creative ideas in advertising or brand videos, movies, etc.

In this article, we explain who creates motion graphics design, how it is created, and why your business is in need of a quality motion design production.

When can Motion Design be useful?

This type of computer graphics is used to design not only video clips. As we’ve mentioned before, it can be of great use in the advertising and other video materials of almost any sphere.

With the help of motion design, you can:

  1. Quickly deliver your message to the audience. As for advertising and promotion, due to strict time constraints, brevity and accessibility are essential.

  2. Easily convey complex ideas and concepts to customers and organize data in a simple and easy-to-understand form. Even the shortest movie contains much information that can be easily absorbed by the viewer.

  3. Hook and hold attention. Animation graphics for users is several times more attractive than reading.

Areas in which motion design can be successfully used:

  • TV Shows. No TV channel can do without motion graphics. In this field, it is commonly used in titles.

  • In the filmmaking industry, motion design is most frequently used in the production of trailers, teasers, titles, and music videos.

  • Advertising. It can be all types of ad animated graphics on the internet or television, any promotional materials or native advertising in the form of infographics.

  • Everything related to business needs: corporate videos, presentations and reports, commercials, visual infographics for websites and conferences, etc.

To sum up, it is worth noting that motion design gives you much more advantages than you could imagine. This way of communicating with your audience converts more customers and surpasses other types of content in all aspects.

Who is a Motion Graphic Designer?

This profession is unique because it combines the elements of an artist, graphic designer, 3D visualizer (this is a person who adjusts textures, lighting, etc., so that the 3D picture has the necessary style and level of realism), animator, video operator, composer (the one who puts 3D animations into the final video), editor, and even playwright-director. It is clear that to master this profession you need talent, specialized knowledge and experience.

Besides the fact that a good motion graphics designer must be familiar with numerous programs for working with photos and videos, and tools for creating and editing two- and three-dimensional graphics, this specialist must:

  • Be able to analyze and work with information;

  • Be a team player and collaborate with other specialists;

  • Follow the trends and, at the same time, rely on the own taste and the specifics of the project;

  • Continuously improve skills and work with the latest tools and programs;

  • Be able to tell the viewer the whole story with the help of animation and to communicate the main idea to the viewer as easily as possible.

All this together determines the portrait of specialists who create engaging, exciting, impressive motion graphics.

Stages of work on the motion design project based on UDTech’s workflow.

The workflow for each project is based on its complexity and scale of the process of designing motion graphics and depending on where it is necessary to apply the motion design. So at the start of any project, it is essential to discuss it, to generate ideas and concepts, and to form a technical task and creative brief.

Further, the motion design process looks like that:

  • After discussing and preparing the creative brief, we prepare the storyboard - sketches for future animation needed to get an accurate picture of the project, make the necessary changes to the concept, improve it and determine the cost of the project at an early stage.

  • If it is necessary to approve the style, we draw and verify the “sketches”, for example, for the corporate presentation of the new project.

  • Then, we carry out the task following the agreements reached, present intermediate results, and make the necessary changes.

  • We apply the voiceover, music editing and other steps depending on the nature of the product.

  • Finally, we make the last corrections, edit and send you the finished motion design product, which corresponds to the stated requirements of the technical task and creative brief.

As a result of working with milestones, each finished project always satisfies both, our specialists and our clients.


Cost and terms of motion design

It is impossible to say how much your project will cost without discussing it first. Every motion design project is unique, and its cost is calculated depending on the types and number of its features and characteristics.


Explainer video cost example:

The whole process of creation “Delhivery” explainer video took the motion designer about 60 hours of work.

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