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About Us

UDTech is a creative company that provides full-stack software development. We are focusing on IoT (Internet of Things) and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and tend to combine them together in our automation solutions.

Most of the projects are created from scratch as we try to engage in all stages, from planning and prototyping, offering design solutions to development and implementation.

As part of innovations in our projects, they require that a team of dedicated professionals is always ready to take complex decisions and resort to non-standard solutions when necessary.

Since 2010 we are building a core team of software and hardware architects, to form dedicated teams for each startup. We are proud that clients trust us with pioneering new products into the markets.

Our goal to add value: we want to continue to organize our company to make it more efficient and profitable so that both, our clients and our employees can get more out of their time year by year.

Our team works in a cozy office located in the center of Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine). We celebrate every holiday together, support and help each other, spend time together after office hours which definitely brings us together and gives the feeling that we are a united team.

Tatyana Yakuba

Chief Operating Officer

Igor Kosanovsky

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Malik

Head of Sales Department
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Best Innovation

Best Innovation

Best UX Design

Best UX Design

Best UI Design

Best UI Design


Our main challenge was to create technical specifications for an application that would help retail services get more customers and retain them. They're always on time with deadlines, easy to communicate with, and responsive. Every interaction is tracked through multiple management tools like JIRA, Asana, and Basecamp.

Shihan, CEO

Online B2B Service, United States

After completing over two-thirds of the work, UDTech’s deliverables have successfully met all technical requirements. The team’s strong UX/UI skills, responsive communication, positive attitude, and thoughtful suggestions continually demonstrate the value of the partnership.

Nir, CEO

Game Design Studio, Israel

Work on this project started October 2016 and ended April 2017. We also have on-going parallel projects. We achieved a good functional design and interface, which resulted in positive user feedback. Take advantage of all their services, which include testing and integration.

Pavel, Owner

DVBLogic, Netherlands

We started working with them in October 2017, and the work is ongoing. There is never anything they can’t do. They always research everything and come back to us with the best solution, which I think is a great partnership. I am extremely happy with our service from them. I am very happy to work with UDTech.

Shihan, CEO

Online B2B Service, United States

The app that UDTech built was well-received by key internal and external stakeholders. Their superb communication skills and ability to adapt to a quick turnaround project make them a valuable partner. The team’s quality deliverables set them up for potential future engagement.

Kevin Clark, Director

devPHASE, United States

UDTech designed and developed an application and a complementary printed circuit board. UDTech completed all tasks as assigned while remaining mindful of all deadlines. They succeed in utilizing a practical project management approach. Future clients can expect a hassle-free engagement.

Dan Engerer, Director

Brainchild Engineering, United States