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Electronic engineer

Hardware Zaporizhzhya

Ukrainian company UDTech in the international IT market since 2010. Our profile is the creation of new technologies and complex unique solutions, we implement any technical and creative tasks of the customer.

  • Experience in developing electronic devices. Experience in the layout of printed circuit boards;
  • The ability to program in C / C ++;
  • Experience with STM32 / STM8 / AVR and other microcontrollers;
  • Ability to solder;
  • Ability to work with instrumentation;
  • The ability to quickly calculate and collect the required node on the breadboard.
It will be the plus, if you have:
  • Experience with Bluetooth, wifi modules;
  • Ability to optimize the power consumption of the battery-powered board;
  • Experience with FPGA;
  • Experience with DSP;
  • Experience in DSP (digital signal processing), FIR, IIR, Fourier;
  • Knowledge of English (an additional advantage).
Advantages of work with us:
  • Salary, based on the individual qualities of a person, experience, and the results of the interview;
  • The possibility of creating and implementing innovative solutions;
  • Modern, bright office;
  • Non-standard tasks.

And much more!

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