Shooters Global - Smart Shoot Timer

Shooters Global - Smart Shoot Timer

Project Description

Within the development of this project, it was necessary to solve many complex problems so that the product users would conveniently use the device both with and without the application. The device`s design aimed to cause a wow effect, and the mobile applications required to be as simple as possible with very impressive functionality. After receiving feedback from end-users, we made sure that we coped with this task perfectly. We managed to create a convenient ecosystem and reliable operation of the device with the application and applications with the cloud.

The project took more than 8000 work hours of engineers, designers, and programmers who implemented more than 10 innovative solutions. The result of the work was two complete devices, patents, and technical documentation for production.

  • Electronic design

  • Web and Mobile Development

  • Industrial design and Prototyping

  • User Interface Design


Since there were already similar devices on the market, the task was to surpass them by convenience and manufacturability. As a result, according to users and experts, we have created a revolutionary device that is "the new king on the market". Judge for yourself: the best sound recognition characteristics, intuitive interface, high reliability, and functionality. With such a large screen, the device works without recharging for several months.
We achieved it by a competent architecture, a high-quality selection of components, and excellent processor programming.


Fixates shots from weapons of any caliber

Built-in memory

Memorizes and displays statistics for 100,000 shots

Built-in accelerometer

Screen auto-rotates to your convenience

High sensitivity

Fixates shots of any caliber

Large screen (400x240px)

Clearly visible in any light

Battery Autonomy

Up to a month of battery life on a single charge

Mobile App

Mobile App for iOS and Android

As with the device, the task set by the customer was not easy. It was necessary to develop an application that unites almost all areas of the shooter`s work. Each of the areas is complex and contains a lot of user experience that is required to be efficiently displayed without complicating the interface. The social part, individual training, training manager, 3D configurator, statistics, and history.
As a result, users received a convenient application for Android and iOS. Reliable operation of the device with the application, stable and invisible connection with the Cloud.

Mobile App Design Process

Starting from scratch and developing the interactive prototype let us suggest and implement the intuitive and user-friendly experience that was further developed into a mobile App which is an integral part of the product.


We searched for apps for different shooting directions, chatted, and collected data from professional shooters. We sent a team to get experience.



Having filtered a massive amount of information, we determined the values for the user and their relationship. We made a roadmap of priorities for the functionality of the future application.



We created a mind map, and a clickable prototype was developed based on it, showed it to users, collected reviews and wishes.



Developed, tested and successfully released the application to the markets.


Shooting Range Constructor

Shooting Range Constructor
Shooting Range Constructor
Shooter box